About District e-Governance Society

With a view to constituting the District e-Governance Society(DeGS) to pursue' the 'dvera11 activities and promotion of the Information Technology in the State and to provide for a coordinating agency at the District level, the State Government do hereby frame a Council namely, DISTRICT e-GOVERNANCE SOCIETY (DeGS) formerly known as District Information Services Council (DISC)

District e-Governance Society is a Nodal Agency of e-Governance at District Level

Aims and Objectives

firefoxPromote IT usage and bridge the digital divide between regions, peoples and classes within the District. Plan, implement and promote the activities of the State Portal in the District. Formulate the District Agenda for e-Governance. Promote electronic delivery of citizen's services. Facilitate and promote interaction and synergy amongst various stake holders including line departments and NGOs in the use of ICT for e-Governance and Good Governance. Support preparation and implementation of information management plans by different line departments and other organizations in the District. more........