Kauleshwari Hill is also Known as Kolhua Hill

Kauleshwari premises


A Light broadcast, culture heritage of district chatra, situated near the bank of the Leelajan river(Niranjana / Falgu). It is 25 k.m. far from the district headquarter and 10 k.m. far from the block Huntergunj headquarter. It is 1575 feet up from the normal level. There is an ancient temple made up of rock wall of Mahishasur Mardini Goddess Durga. Its reletion is concerned to mythology, Ramayan and the big epic important Mahabharaat According to evidences available its is proved due to near to Gaya in Bihar state it had been integrated part of Magadh kingdom and similar to it had protection of Jain and Bouddh religion it is like tirupati for Chatra disctrict: -



According to mythological description in mahabharata era king Virat had established his supreme faithful goddess " Kauleshwar " Kauleshwari. Pandawas also spent their crucial period "Agyatvaas" here. Hindus adorable lord Ram laxman sita had also spent their living as exile / vanish here Kunti with Yudhisthir and other Pandwa spent miserable days here. Bheemvar , Arjunvaan , Mandwa Madaii , Saptrishi have Satgharwa Vaan Ganga etc. are releted to forest festival of Mahabhart recall them. Footprints present of akash lochan memorises. Apart form this there asre two foot print are embossed over a cliff. It is sasid that these foot print belongs to lord Vishnu and next footprint is at gaya which named Vishnu Pad , Thus this mountain is famous for hindu sidha pith is is said that kokh (womb) of sati was dropped here hence Hindus devotees come here with extreme wish of having offsprint and after full filment of their wish they come with their son and daughter to perform " Mundan Sanskar " in space but largely at " Ramnavami".


According to jhain followers kolhua is dishaped word of " Kotshila". They accept that first of all this place was known as kotshila later it had been kot shila aftrer it had been kohua. As for foot print jain said that this foot print belong to 23rd Tirhtkar " Parshwanath lord Mahavir and composer of Jain Mahpuran aacharya Jinsan had meditated in this forest . Thus it was an important Jain Pilgrim centre before 6thand 7th century.

Near aakash lochan on a rock their five statues sculpted which hindu devotees says it " Pancho Pandwa" and tell more statues sculpted which hindu accept "dashovtar" as the ten incarnation of lord Vishnu but other site jain followers it rishvdev to shitalnath ten tirthkar there is a cabe at soth western site of pont in this cave a statues made of ancient stone in meditation pose is in the cave which hindus call it " Bhaironath" ( Bhairobaba) and they worship while jain followers says it parshwnath and they worship. For saptrishi and satgharwa they have similar claim for their respective lord and they worship according to their karmkand.

At present according to jain tradition the 10 th tirhanker 1008 lord Shitalnath's four kalyanko - garv (Womb), janm (Birth) , tap ( meditation) and gyan(knowledge) composer of jain mahapuran and meditation and nirvana place of king dashrath son it is believe thati is is the same place kotshila which is described nirvana kand. Sharman leterature written by Dr. Raja Ram jain ( Magadh University) and other some Jain writer relate kotshila to kauleshwari (Kolhua).

  " Dashrath raja ke sut kahe , desh kaling panch solhe
    kotshila muni koti pranam, vandan karu jor jugpan " 
                                                                              Nirvaan kand

The writer of mirvaan kand quoted kotshila as ling desh presently orrisa but time to time lines / boundaries of provinces have been channge due to adminstrative and poltical point of view kotshila of kaling state become the part of jharkhand state. Now orrisa ( Kaling) and chhotanagpur state where the mountain is situated thier boundaries meet together due to surronding of kot. Probably it was name Kotshila. Here's local language and words releted to it reveal the facts.

                        "kotshila - kotshilwa - koshilwa - kolhua"

Though There is proof full historical evidences came in light. But the evidences present mountain and itws surrounding and ata down hill it discloses their has been gram and important centre jainism culture. Some said it original sammedshikhar nearer the mountain on the bank of leelajan river at opposite site their is bhahilpur( bhadilpur, bhardpur). It is said that it is the birth place and gestation period (garb) place of lord shitlanath


There are some amusing attractive Lord Gautam Budha's statue in meditation pose are engraved and embossed on the rock of kolhua pahad. According to construction style it is believed that these sculpted statues belongs to seventh century. King Harshvardhan had provided protection to Buddha religion. Tathagat had meditated in this forest ( Aranya ) before getting enlightenment at Uruvela Bodhgaya sakya muni Buddha has meditated deeply on the bank of leelajan river. It is described in Buddhist scripture this place ws famous for Buddha's taposthali in 6 th & 7 th century. here available buddha's statue , artisin relix etc. reveals that it has been Buddhist Taposthali and it inforces because Kauleshwari is very nearer to Boddha Gaya.

Kolhua pahad had fortune to have tapobhumi of lord Buddha. Buddha got enlightenment beodhisatva on the bank of Niranjana river. The river Muhane and river Niranjana where they meet at junction point falgu is denoted it is described in Mahavans and in lalit vistar." Nirajana teera dultar shani : kush :"

                                                        It is mentioned in Buddha charila 12/108.

It is understant that after enlighenment at Uruvela under Pipa tree Gautam buddha came t kohua mountain before he goes to saarnath and got his Mundan Sanskar Bouddhist at large scale, visit here at mandwa madai on the kauleshwari mountain every year to get their hair. nail cut as kesh lundhan. "Kolhua pahad is the best place according to Buddha for kesh lundhan " it is beloved that Buddha bhikkhu Dingnad and Nagarjun had meditated here according bouddhist.

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