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Notification for PHC in Itkhori 13/02/2021 View (1 MB)
Meeting Proceeding Of District Establishment Section Dated -15.12.2020 07/01/2021 View (2 MB)
Notification of 50th (S.H-07) Kilometer of Hazaribag to Badkagaon-Tandwa-Bijupara Path. 26/12/2020 View (554 KB)
According to Civil Writ Petition Death Data of Chatra 23/12/2020 View (7 MB)
According to Civil Writ Petition Birth Data of Chatra 23/12/2020 View (7 MB)
Proceedings of the meeting of District Compassion Committee 11/11/2020 View (1 MB)
Special Central Assistance Agenda-02/11/2020 02/11/2020 View (6 MB)
Notification of Village Duari of Hazaribagh (Indrapuri Chowk) Katkamsandi, Chatra (Kullu Diversion) Road Construction Project 14/02/2020 View (696 KB)
20-Point Proceeding Dated 29.08.2019 04/11/2019 View (8 MB)
Notification for Road widening and strengthening work from Uta to Tamasin Via Gulli Path (0 Kms to 33 Kms) Village -Kevalkhas 12/10/2019 View (1 MB)