Chatra District

Chatra district is one of the twenty-four districts of Jharkhand state, India, and Chatra is the administrative headquarters of this district. The district covers an area of 3706 km². It has a population of 1,042,886 (Census 2011).This is the district where many person got National Awards from President of India. Deocharan Dangi got National Award in field of Teaching and Prashant got award in field of Social Work. They are very known because they are in Father- Son in relation.The territory covered by the present district was earlier known as Chatra sub-division of Hazaribagh district. This district came into existence in 1991.Chatra district consists of 12 Blocks.

The district of Chatra, gateway of Jharkhand has a number of picnic spots and fountains, waterfalls and flora and fauna.

Some of the tourist spots of Chatra District is below

  • Bhadrakali temple:- It is 35 km on the East of Chatra and 16 km west of Chauparan connected with Grand Trunk Road. Along with the temple situated on the bank of river Mahanad(Mahane) surrounded by hill and forest, there is a water reservoir.
  • Maa Kauleswary Temple: – Maa Kauleswary Mandir is situated near Hunterganj block in Kedli kalan village. It is approx 10 km from Hunterganj and the temple is situated on the hill which has 650 feet height. A Budha temple is also situated on Kauleswary hill and every year thousands of visitor are coming to visit the temples and natural environment of this area also.
  • Kunda Cave:- The ruins of old Kunda palace are still found at a distance of about three-four miles from the present Kunda Village. The place might have been created either towards the end of 17th or beginning of the 18th century AD.
  • Tamasin:- Word tamasin is a sandhi of ‘tam+asin’ which means ‘darkness prevails ‘. This area has mixed forest having high trees making the area dark even in the daylight. Tamasin has a waterfall.

Apart from this, there are several waterfalls in Chatra district which click here to know about.