Kauleshwari Hill and Temple

Kauleshwari hill lies about 6 miles south east of Hunterganj. At hunterganj one has to cross the lilangen river which is now bridged and jeep or walk through the uneven track to the foot of hill. The height of the hill is 1,575 feet and from the top one can find an excellent view. The top of the hill is quite distinctive and is known as ” Akash Lochan”(Sky Eye). There are some ancient temples, the most important of which is a temple of ‘ Kali’ known as ‘Kauleshwari Devi’.

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  • Maa Kauleshwari
  • Hanuman Temple
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How to Reach:

By Air

Nearest Airport Bodh Gaya (Bihar).

By Train

Nearest railway station Gaya (Bihar).

By Road

Huntergunj to kouleshwari 10 km.